iDyper 1st at 23 Person GNK

rotage 1939


The concept remains the same as previous Dyper decks where you try to setup a turn with lots of clicks and use Keyhole and Equivocation to trash 7 agenda points and run archives to win the game. However unlike the other Dyper decks this does not use False Echo or DDOS to avoid dealing with ice but instead uses two different approaches. The first approach is to Vamp the corporation to 0 credits then you can Keyhole knowing safely knowing that they cant rez any taxing ice. But I hear you ask what about Vanilla or Resistor they are common ice that costs 0 to rez and has a ETR on it, how do you deal with that. I have one word to answer that question Ankusa, by using Ankusa you can simply break the ice for 2 credits and bounce it back to HQ. The other ice that can be a concern is Pop Up Window as this allows them to gain money and eventually rez other ice, to do with this you can use Tinkering and again use Ankusa to bounce it back to hand.

The deck also has Sifr and Atman, this allows you to check remotes to make it harder for the corporation to score agendas, this combination can also be used on HQ for Vamp or R&D if they have a single piece of ice. This now means they need to double ice HQ, R&D and the Remote to make it more difficult for the deck to function, by having multiple Atmans you can install at different strengths to keep attacking the scoring remote

Other Key Cards

Magnum Opus - The key economy card in the deck in combination with Beth it allows you potentially gain 10 credits a turn, if the corporation does not have 15 credits then this will make the Vamp easier to land

Temujin Contract - This is usually used on Archive for two reasons. Firstly to gain additional money and Secondly to encourage the Corporation to put ice on Archive instead of other servers where we don't want them to put ice

Sifr – This in combination with Atman at strength 0 allows you to check servers knowing you can break the ice except if they have swordsman which leads us to... Pipeline – This is the only shaper killer available so it’s only use is to deal with Swordsman

Yog – I never used this card, ideally it’s there to get through cheap Codegates but I may change this


I'd probably swap Yog for a Zu and use the influence on another Vamp, I will also drop net shield for a Film Critic

6 Feb 2017 Ajar

This is genius. I like the second Vamp idea.

6 Feb 2017 hutch9514

while i like this list, i can see this one having trouble with multiple iced R&D or having trouble having enough money to vamp after you have set up your combo. Feels like ddos false echo would be cheaper and therefor faster to get online. Just my thoughts. Would love to hear if you think other wise. Love the deck though!

6 Feb 2017 Elodius

Awesome ! 10/10 will play this for the Pipeline !

6 Feb 2017 rotage

@Ajar @Elodius Thanks for the comments :)

@hutch9514 Thanks for the feedback. I agree that having money to vamp while setting up can be tricky, although I find I can generally get enough money to pull it off but I would like to do a lot more testing to be sure of this

My bigger concern at the moment is against the fast decks such as asset spam NEH and CtM and working out the best approach against these decks as I don't feel I'd have enough time to setup. DDOS and False Echo is quicker and cheaper to setup no doubt about that but this deck has far more avenues to go down and has a better match up against Dyper's problem decks (i.e prison decks) I also found it great fun to play and surprise people by running early and stealing agendas

6 Feb 2017 emilyspine

needs more cat

6 Feb 2017 emilyspine

needs more cat

12 Feb 2017 Swiftie

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