Waking Up With The House On Fire (5th Huddersfield SC)

hat_hair 255

Do Nasir Stuff. Parasite things that are too big to break or have lots of subs. No damage prevention, but Chameleons can be used in a pinch to buff hand size to 7 or 8.

Probably needs a Feedback Filter as it only lost to Prison RP on the day.

6 Feb 2017 BizTheDad

Oh, this looks like sooooo much fun to play.

8 Feb 2017 shimya

Aaron MarrĂ³n and some reccuring asset disposal cards a la Paricia / Scrubber and Salsette Slums could make this deck close to being T1. Maybe even T1. Nice!

18 Feb 2017 herod1204

This is such a lot of fun to play. I added a second Order of Sol as early game that is pretty damned powerful, and I switched a magnum for a Parcia, though didn't notice too much difference at the time. Outstandingly enjoyable deck!