Wormlust - 3rd Place Antwerp SC / 2nd Place Den Haag SC

Slowriffs 720

I made 5th place in Swiss but because a player had to go I got to play in the cut and managed to get 3rd.

Overal I went 4 - 1 with this deck. I won from: Biotech, 2 NEXT HB in swiss and CtM in the cut. I lost from dedication IG (in swiss) cause the matchup just is super hard and I'm not Whizzard.

My corp however (Hasty CI) got it's ass kicked by DLR andy and didn't do so well which is why I originally missed the cut.

Random bits about the deck (I'm not much of a writer):

  • I'm addicted to Leela and indexing so I compulsively try to make a deck work with both.
  • Aaron Marron allows for absurd powerturns with siphons and free tag removal.
  • Tapwrm replaces Daily Casts for me, it usually gives about 8-10 credits. If the corp purges to remove it then they lose a turn which is also fine. If you run into a macrophage just let them go, it's not a big deal.
  • Hades Shard is there to beat Railgun.
  • Vamadeva is there to beat people that try to cheese out wins with mother goddess CI decks (like me).
  • Political Operative didn't do anything.

Overal happy to do well with my all time favourite runner, I had a great time during this event and thanks @FREDPI to let me play in the cut!

Edit - I played the same deck again in the Den Haag SC. Went undefeated, beating Nisei Division, Hasty CI and AoT (and 1 id). Didn't get to play my runner again in the cut.

6 Feb 2017 Cluster Fox

Decklist of the week right here.

6 Feb 2017 FREDPI

Cheers man, always fun playing against you! See you at the next SC

7 Feb 2017 ocelotwildly

Am I right in thinking that Pol Op can stop a Ronin firing in Dedication IG? If that's a tough match up, might still be worth keeping it around just to sure it up. And you know the second you take it out a certain psychic detective will show up the very next game!

7 Feb 2017 Slowriffs

Yep that works. And indeed it's included for Caprice I just didn't face any that day. I'm thinking councilman is probably a little better because batty is a bigger threat.

8 Feb 2017 clercqie

Only 1 decoder and it's Gordian. So ballsy! :)

Loved playing against you, as always. Too bad my Corp couldn't provide a little more opposition, but that's Aaron for ya. Grats on the performance; well deserved!!

9 Feb 2017 achimlocutus

Great deck. I love that Leela. No love for Inside Job?

9 Feb 2017 Slowriffs

@achimlocutusIt's a great card but I just don't have room for it. I used to play one but in the end I preferred the third special order.