Popsicle Sunday (Undefeated, GNK 1st)

PureFlight 1029

Who doesn't love popsicles?

Popsicle Sunday went 3-0 in a small GNK tonight. Opponents were CtM, Ghost Mushin Takeover Blue Sun (wut), and Blue Sun Supermodernism. Thanks to Jake, Malcolm, and Jack for some great games!

It's fast to set up, very rich, and pretty brutal. The name comes from "Popsicles", ice that you can eat, and "Sunday", which is a day.


It's obviously a ParaŞifr deck. Try to challenge the remote a bit while building your rig. Midgame switch to savaging R&D with Medium(s).

Card Choices

  • Null over Whizzard allows a handful of changes from a Whizzard ParaSifr deck:
  1. You sacrifice a strong opening against CtM and other asset decks.
  2. Null and Sifr allow you to drop Datasuckers, freeing up slots.
  3. Null and Sifr make it easy to use fixies instead of conspiracy breakers, so you're less reliant on ice destruction to get through servers (and therefore less vulnerable to Ark Lockdown).
  • Human First is a nice econ card that gives additional Peddler targets. In my three games tonight it netted me 11, 5, and 10 respectively. Pretty good for a single . All the draw means I see it early pretty consistently.
  • Inject is great. Street Peddler is great.
  • 2 Paperclips for Ark Lockdown protection.
  • Ice Carver is instead of D4v1d for STR 6 ice like Archangel, Archer, and DNA (Null's ability gets it into Yog/Mimic range).
  • Mimic over MKUltra because I don't have Martial Law yet. I've been playing MKU online, but I don't like how expensive it is. Mimic was very effective tonight because I didn't pitch both copies with Inject in a single game.
  • Part of me wants to try this deck with just a bunch of Knights for breakers.
  • Archives Interface instead of Slums to handle Friends in High Places better. I can remove Friends itself, along with troublesome cards like Snare!, Shock!, Lotus Field, HHN, Sensie, and SanSan City Grid.
  • Spooned to kill Lotus, DNA, Archangel, etc.


This deck confirms a few things about the state of the game:

  • has the best breakers.
  • Medium is the best multi-access card and it's in the Archives faction ( being the R&D faction).
  • Sifr and Parasite is a broken combo and severely limits the competitive playspace of the game.

So until something is done about these problems, you can play this deck with a niche ID and win games.

Okay, here's a picture of a Mick Ultra cake: Killer Beer