mcg 618

On Run Last Click this week they finally cracked the problem of how Apex can deal with Enigma, by using Tracker. But their analysis was incomplete. The other big problem that Apex faces is Orion. So yes Tracker will let you deal with that pesky "Trash 1 program" but they could then use "Resolve a subroutine on another piece of rezzed ice" to fire 'End the Run' from elsewhere; the ultimate insult to Apex. Step forward the other card beginning with street, Street Magic. The fact it's a virtual resource shows that this is a partnership that was meant to be. So now you can swap those subs around, use Tracker to prevent that fake ETR from firing, use Endless Hunger on the real ETR, and walk on through. Yes, they're going to trash EH, but that's what Clone Chips were made for. And if you're at the end of an Apocalypse run you don't need it anyway.

Now we've dealt with the two biggest problems, let's quickly run through some of the minor quibbles with Apex. Traces? Laugh at them with your six link. Damage? Heartbeat. Tags? Have you heard of a little combo called Qianju PTancakes? Psi games? Government Investigations makes them 17%* easier to win, and I like those odds.

The last few slots are for Apex's true strengths. Wasteland ensures you're never poor, Hunting Grounds avoids those pesky encounter effects, and Reaver has no problem providing you with draw when you have 8 MU.

Finally, Apex's time has come.

9 Feb 2017 Jutranjo

How do you install Adjusted Chronotype tho? It isn't virtual

9 Feb 2017 mcg

@JutranjoOops. That'll teach me to make 'clever' last minute changes. DQ'd

9 Feb 2017 owniscool1993

why not just put in e3 feedbacks? lets you break the pesky non-etr subs after breaking some etr with hunger

9 Feb 2017 Krams

And, well, you know... Dorm Computer is a thing. Just saying.

9 Feb 2017 mcg

@KramsDorm Computer was in at first but I thought Qianju was more in spirit. Definitely worth considering though.

9 Feb 2017 mcg

@owniscool1993Couldn't spare the influence.

9 Feb 2017 Netrunnerunner

@Jutranjo Just wait for the corp to play Cerebral Static. Then you can install the Adjusted Chronotype.

9 Feb 2017 Pinkwarrior

@mcg It strikes me that for allt his inf spent on Tracker, Street Magic & Adjusted Chronotype's you could just run ┼×ifr & Parasite & even Data Folding as econ since you'll have 2 spare MU thanks to the console and just deal with ICE forever that you don't like I mean your sloting the Clone Chip's anyway.

10 Feb 2017 Djaris

I actually... haven't heard of a little thing called Qianju PTancakes... fill me in?