Throw Money at Things Until They Die

Handsome Jack 1589

1-2 Bad Publicity: Make endangered animals into Handbags

3-4 Bad Publicity: Punch Orphaned children's dogs

5-6 Bad Publicity: Pollute by overproducing guns, creating huge landfills of WMDs for terrorists to use

7-8 Bad Publicity: Feed Babies toxic waste

9-10 Bad Publicity Bulldoze SanSan to make room for giant statue of....Something

11+ Bad Publicity: Use bulldozed area to place a gun factory where we use pandas for fuel and have a dog bunching assembly line. Runoff from the pant is marketed as orphan baby food and unused guns, toxic waste, and babies are collected in a landfill that burns through the Earth to the mantle, where we frack and cause Earthquakes. The Earthquakes upset the babies that need more toxic waste food. We sell them it at 5x regular price. The public doesn't catch on because Bryan Stinson is doing Heineken commercials to keep them placated. While everyone is watching TV, we install Elizabeth Mills as supreme Empress. Jackson Howard is given honorary control of the moon. In a show of awesome power, we through darts at a globe where we nuke the places we hit. The public is so pleased that they all dance around and give us Rainbow Clearence. After that, we recycle so many reruns the runner is overwhelmed and professes their gratitude to us in public. Then we send the runner an honorary care package.

10 Feb 2017 LynxMegaCorp

No Bulwark or Grim. Downvoting immediately.

10 Feb 2017 Handsome Jack

I will remedy this.

10 Feb 2017 Krams

Liked for the writeup, but I agree this needs Grim and Bulwark for even more bad pub.

And maybe a Chief Slee to back up the 10 Ireress :D

10 Feb 2017 Toothball

I had fun playing a bad publicity deck a while back, until Blackmail became a thing. Fenris was good for an early game surprise too.

10 Feb 2017 Handsome Jack

@KramsWas actually thinking about Slee, but I think she's just a tad to vulnerable. @ToothballBlackmail is surprisingly uncommon these days, and I hve no problem rushing out behind my flimsy ICE suite.