azkiel 11

This deck did really well in the two last store championship I participated in. Was top seed in one (had to leave before the cut) and place second in another one. Overall record of 6 wins, 1 tie, 1 loss.

It's mostly a typical ETF fast advance list with a lot of flexibility. I feel you can play fast with that list but don't be affraid to switch speed mid-game if needed, credits/credits/install is a good turn also. You need money for Biotic Labor or establish a remote with SanSan City Grid, 6 credits and you're dangerous!

It has a good matchup vs Anarch in general and criminals as you can usually recover pretty well from Account Syphon. I fear the Shaper matchup could be harsh, but they are are pretty much absent from my meta.

Launch Campaign: I prefer this to Adonis Campaign, as you gain at least 1 credit on rez. I also feel that runner is less incentivized to trash if it's in protected remote.

Clone Suffrage Movement: I played Domestic Sleeper in the first SC and it did nothing, so for the second SC I tested Clone Suffrage Movement and really think it's better. It goes really well with Advanced Assembly Line as you can install it at the end of the runner's turn, fire once to recur a Friends in High Places or Biotic Labour and then become a must trash for the runner. This is probably the most flexible slot in the deck.

Cyberdex Virus Suite/Macrophage: My original list had 2 CVS, but with only 15 ICEs I felt I needed more. Macrophage is really good against Anarch and can surprise Shaper playing only 1 parasite. The low rez cost and trace 1 ETR really make it a great ICE.

Jeeves Model Bioroids: It's really popular these days for a reason, help you score GFI with Biotic/San San, Corporate Sales Team with Biotic and a great economy asset (3 creds + 1 click). Might be good to play 3, but I feel 2 is enough since I've won many games without needing it.

ICE suite: I tried to keep everything as cheap as I could, with all the Para/SIFR'ing going on I didn't like investing too much money in my ICE. Yog was also a big concern, so no Magnet in this deck!

Overall this is a pretty simple list to play, install ICE, make money and fast advance everything! You can usually play it safe and you'll be good.

20 Feb 2017 azkiel

Missing a Macrophage in the ICE suite.