Backwoods (Off the Grid HB)

LSK 4580

Do you like Friends in High Places? Ooh, do you like using it on Breaker Bay Grid and another card to rez that card for cheap? You do!

How about Off the Grid? You like that card, right?


Let's import it into EtF!

This deck is pretty easy to pick up if you've played EtF with glacier and fast advance tools before. You lightly protect your campaigns, rush out a few points, and fast advance the rest.

Start scoring with Crisium + Off The Grid sooner than you think you need to. It's really hard to contest early on!

Notes on unusual card choices:

  • 1 Jackson Howard + 2 Preemptive Actions: The deck really needed the influence and Preemptive is good enough (even though you do miss getting the install credit sometimes)

  • Only five 3/2 agendas: The deck really likes scoring a Corporate Sales Team early. You tend to run on the low side of credits since you can't afford to not rush, and the 10 credits a CST score gets you is incredible.

  • Excalibur goes on HQ so they can't stop you from scoring an agenda even if you don't have a Crisium (or so you can stop them from even trashing your Off the Grid)