Axlotl 2625

I've returned with another Apex list! Can't get enough of ol' Pexxy. Rather than the econ denial focus of Eviscerator, this is a straight ice denial deck. Once again, the focus is on an easily replaceable rig to gel with Apocalypse and enable quick recovery.

A lot of people have experimented with different rigs for Apex to deal with the broad range of punishing ice he can't deal with. Often this meant spending a large portion of his influence and building a rig with extra breakers and hardware. The totally balanced 100% fair new console SIFR finally enables a rig that not only can deal with a broad range of threats, but also helps push the apocalypse game plan by enabling easier apocalypse plays and extending the duration of open servers post-apocalypse. Clone Chip/Sifr/Parasite is the best ice breaker.

Sifr also enables the usage of Overmind as a primary breaker. It gives you a 6 MU rig and saves a ton of money dropping threats low enough to break for zero. Parasite the multiple sub ice and coast through the single subs. Endless Hunger is more of a back-up, unless you find an opponent relying almost entire upon light ETR ice, but its also very nice to drop after Overmind to help save OM counters.

Prey and Kraken are situational additional kill, like a more ghetto version of Anarch's cutlery.

Peace in Our Time offers high econ gains for low influence, and since your goal is to keep the board clear, you don't usually care what the corp credit pool looks like. Just make sure you don't let server building get to far out of hand by giving them money at poor times.

I'm not sure yet if I'd rather slot more Quality Times over Deuces, or go 2:1 QT:DW or something. I need more data to decide where the QT/DW balance lies in regards to other economic factors with the deck. Deuces and Peace allow for good recovery potential from bottoming out on credits.

No Heartbeat means we need to pack Plascretes now. 2x and hoppers means you can technically survive double BOOM!s.

Turning Wheel provides multi-access. So nobody can complain about me not running any multi-access like in Eviscerator.

Interdiction has some quite viable niche plays, like stopping Hostile Infra rezzes when your preparing to apocalypse next turn or stalling unrezzed econ on the board for a turn, but mostly its to clear currents.

Uninstall is Overmind #4.

You could face down install a parasite,

[reference]Apex built my hopper

It's a love affair

Mainly Apex and my sports hopper.[/reference]