Palana - Food for Thought - SC Varberg 2nd

Elusive 1164

1st in swiss, second in finals. Undefeated in swiss. 3 wins, 1 ID, 1 loss.

Managed to dodge unfavorable matchups until encountering a very good player with Sifr-Parasite in finals. Fun to play. Not feasible as serious deck as long as Rumor Mill/Sifr (and Val blackmail) exists i would guess. Solid tier 2 however, and lots of room to make cool plays.

All other matchups allow you to play quite well and make lots of sneaky plays with ICE.

13 Apr 2017 kollapse

Just realized this deck exists, and you comments on Sifr, RM and Blackmail. With the new MWL this deck seems to get a big lift. Tier 1.5 anyone?