Major Kusanagi and The Badass Quest For Glory

Handsome Jack 1586

Join our resident Security Chief and embark on a dark quest for revenge. Kill those runners in the face!

props to u/DrMarodi for his own list. I used it as inspiration. Basically, rush out or kill with Slee. Hive is the best for this, but other good ones are Brainstorm, Fairchild 3.0, or Viktor. Hand size becomes irritating for the runner very fast, and a lucky Snare can kill them. Agenda Econ denial is very good against this deck, so you want some ICE asap. Otherwise it is fairly straightforward. Good hunting!

13 Feb 2017 Andannius

This is hilarious and I approve. I can't even imagine how satisfying it must be to pretend to be rushing a Self-Destruct Chips and have it actually be Chief Slee behind Hive.