Frantically Phoning Paige

Valranoth 351

I wanted to play around with the interaction between Paige and Frantic Coding, getting all of the tutoring with none of the 'trashing your deck' nonsense.

Unfortunately, I keep having a tendency of dying. Here's hoping someone can tell me where I'm going wrong. I love the idea of Surfer Quetzal, and want this deck to work.

15 Feb 2017 Krams

I love the idea, never thought of that interaction!

One problem I see though, is that Frantic Coding is still expensive. At least if you use it to tutor up cheap programs where you can't make much use of the -5 install cost. Like Surfer or Trope.

15 Feb 2017 Skeletons

Much love for any anarch using a Paintbrush <3

15 Feb 2017 esutter479

Kati Jones seems kinda "meh" in here. I'd almost suggest going with Liberated Accounts or (call me crazy) even Day Jobs instead. I mean, if by some hook or crook you don't tutor up a Femme with the Coding, may as well get some fairly immediate burst to compensate. All in all though, this does look frickin' sweet! :)

15 Feb 2017 Valranoth

@Krams: Frantic is for Femme, Paperclip, Paintbrush. If I'm firing Frantic for Trope, something's gone terribly wrong. Still, you have a point. I didn't want to go full jank, but what about Morning Star?

@esutter479: You have a point on Kati, especially with all the resource hate. Dirty Laundry's also been letting me down, triggering Power Shutdowns and all sorts of nastiness. I'll swap to Day Job and Liberated, see how that goes.


No multiaccess has me concerned. Is the Surfer archetype supposed to just snipe remotes?

15 Feb 2017 Wrecko

To me, this deck is begging for Retrieval Runs.

That makes Morning Star more attractive in my opinion.

I know you are tight on memory, but Multithreader would be balling in this deck. Perhap a Djinn to handle the MU load?

15 Feb 2017 Pandoramalagog

This is a super cool build! I would swap Knifed for Spooned (or a mix of the two) to get rid of code gates you can paintbrush as barriers. Are you using Knifed mostly for killing barriers using Quetzal's ability?

16 Feb 2017 Valranoth

@Wrecko: I'd love to fit Djinn/Multithreader, but at that point deckslots and influence become an issue. Retrieval Run is a great idea if I go for Morning Star, but MU becomes an issue. I also become more susceptible to program trashing, and corps have been punishing facechecks more and more.

@Pandoramalagog: Knifed can kill any ice once it's been 'painted' into a Barrier. Slotting a Spooned would save a click, but I've been pretty happy with the Knifed. Might actually go down to 2x. I need some help in setup.


While Wyldside is good, I find myself poor and slow. Also, death is still a frequent end result. I'm thinking Plascrete.

16 Feb 2017 Soulcow

@Pandoramalagog isn't this what knifed does? You paintbrush to make a code gate also a barrier and then knife it? Or do you need the specific cutlery for the ICE it initially is?

What I feel, is that you've spend a lot of slots for card draw and tutoring. 3 wyldsides, 2 pancakes, 3 paiges, 3 frantic coding... that's 6 cards extra for what usually is enough card draw, and you're trying to get both wyldside + pancakes and paige + frantic combos working. Maybe just drop the wyldsides and pancakes for earthrise or I've had worse..? Frees up 2 slots probably. And how about the femme? If there's really nasty ice, paintbrush and knife it, making use of sifr I suppose. So maybe drop at least one femme? That should free up 3 slots and 2 influence. Maybe you could include some multi-acces or something like Wanton Destruction or Demolition Run for early game pressure?

Does Paige Piper work if you've got no extra copies of a card in your deck? Because in that case, it make sense you've got 2 femmes.

17 Feb 2017 Krams

@Soulcow Paige says "Shuffle your stack." and that is enough to save the cards from being frantically trashed. And yes, that works after you used Paige to search for any number of copies (any includes 0, according to the core rules!).