My First Sunny Deck

wham 8

Sunny seems like a weird ID, so I wanted to try something out with her. Link me up, Sunny!

15 Feb 2017 Krams

Looks solid, although probably a bit slow. Typical for Sunny ;)

Data Folding and Magnum Opus might get in the way of each other in the long run if you plan to install multiple copies of your viruses.

Career Fair might be an option to improve the setup speed a little bit. It's great for Data Folding, Daily Casts or Earthrise Hotel and might be used on Power Tap or Underworld Contact if needed.

Draw is often problematic in Sunny. Relying on a 2-of Earthrise Hotel as only draw card is a bit thin. I have made good experiences with John Masanori or Symmetrical Visage. 1-2 Quality Time might also be an option (with Modded/Career Fair to use up the cards in the same turn).

But, as always, 25 inf are way less than it looks like ;)

P.S.: It's a shame they put only 2 copies of Rabbit Hole in the Core Set. It's so much better as a 3-of since it can chain the triggers.

15 Feb 2017 wham

@Krams Yeah, basically the plan is to install Data Folding if I get them early, but if I get a Magnum opis, I can use that to bolster my cash flow in case I end up with the money-dripfeeds at the bottom of my deck as my luck often seems to have it.

Of those three suggested extra draw methods, I don't think I have any of those cards at my disposal due to lack of majority of datapacks, but you are correct in that I need more draw from somewhere. Will look into that after a few test plays with this.