A Motel 6 in Rural Nebraska

MustardJoe 58

Go fast. Ice everything. Use ABT and Minelayer to build stupidly huge servers for free. You'll have next to no money. Good. Money is a trap. Corps die every day with fifty credits in the bank and broken spines. The only credit that matters is number seven.

Blackmail? Meet already-rezzed ice. Temujin? Good luck finding an opening. Parasite? Sure, a quarter of my ice counter it and the rest are easily replaced. The only thing I've found that'll really wreck this deck is Siphon/Vamp spam.

About Minelayer: it's a weird piece of ice, but it'll pay for itself if people keep letting it fire. It's also funny to see people trying to remember what it does.

About Bifrost Array: It refills corporate sales team and fires accelerated beta test. It's great.

Why is it called Motel 6? 'Cause it's got free ice.

16 Feb 2017 Pandoramalagog

HA! Awesome name

17 Feb 2017 CommissarFeesh

I love everything about this. NEXT Design, weird ICE, Bifrost - this is an all-around winner for me.

24 Feb 2017 Manadog

What do you do against a shaper that camps the remote? I know shaper isn't common atm but still.

24 Feb 2017 MustardJoe

@manadog Usually by the time they're able to reliably camp I'm hoping to have 3-4 points already, which isn't hard if I get a good opening. Important to stack different kinds of ice against an SMC.

Once the get their suite out, I generally ice R&D as much as possible and try to fast advance. I had one crazy game that came down to me finally being able to Ark Lockdown their Clot.