Double Toil Trouble

stonec 68

This is a double deck. Drawing is a priority. With many multiples, discarding a double from overdraw isn't a problem, and powers up Power Nap. Power Nap is the late game econ boost that can put the runner is scoring distance from 0.

Nerve Agent and Medium are the primary strategy for putting major pressure on the Corp. Nerve Agent has won me more games, but is dependent on game-state. Running and putting 2 counters on nerve agent is often enough for cripple the runner.

For obvious reasons, John Masanori is better after a breaker or two is installed, and Lawyer Up is present to boost the double count in the deck, or recover from a John Tag. Lawyer up is a nice recover from Snare! or Midseason Replacements, or Ghost Branch, or otherwise.

Ice Carver is usually enough to break through the majority of ICE with the fixed breakers, but Datasucker allows for free face-checking, and Parasite or Bishop for more permanent solutions. Knight exists to be an AI breaker that can work on anything that is difficult to break with the fixed breakers, or early face-checking.

Queen's Gambit is tough. The econ boost can be in the runner's favor with a risky Corp play or upgrades. If there's no way to gain access to an unrezzed card with advancements, I often will over advance it and take the loss of momentum for the credit boost. Undefended unrezzed cards are usually safe, but again, it depends on the Corp match-up.

Retrieval Run is risky, often Archives is iced up, so I don't rely on this to install breakers. It's nice in an emergency or if you can overdraw early in the game.

Quest Completed exists mostly for Caprice Nisei. I've used it successfully, especially if the Corp is putting a lot of investment in a remote.