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esutter479 310

This deck was built totally on a whim. I love the speed of MaxX, and even though those darn conspiracy breakers are expensive as hell to make use of, it's less painful with Datasucker out on the table. I've got FA defense, tech against horizontal shinanegans, damage defense (though I'm not unkillable by any means) and I'm really sorta building this with the intention of wearing the corp down and then striking hard with Turning Wheel.

My flex slots here would probably be the cutlery, as I have yet to make any sort of good use out of them in about 6 games or so of play. I've also seen some of the absolute worst possible self-mills at the worst times, heh. Coincidence, I know...but it can be a real hinderance. I'd really like to make this at least semi-competitive, and any advice the community can offer me here would be outstanding! :)