Neutrales Capitol Neutropolis - REDUX

CactusJack 117

It's League Season again at my FLGS and once again, I modified this deck to win several achievements/challenges.

This deck won 3 different achievements: an HB deck without any bioroid ice, a corp deck without any in faction ice, and earning at least twice as much credits as the runner. Caveat: it won to time.

Glacier isn't so hot right now, thanks to Sifr and Interdiction. Sandburg needs at least 2 ice to survive that, and the scoring server needs at least 3.

Excalibur was replaced for Tribunal. 1 Enigma was replaced for Macrophage. Chimera and Mother Goddess were removed for +2 Sandburg. Prisec was swapped out for Ash - but Ash never fired, so I don't know how good it is. -2 Subliminal Messaging and -1 Restructure for +2 Scarcity of Resources and +1 Friends in High Places (great for getting back Sandburg). Lastly, -1 PAD Campaign for +1 Melange Mining Corp, which really helped early game to keep a high credit count.

Hope this inspires others to try some crazy challenges!

17 Feb 2017 Rhaplanca1001

I was sorry we went to time - I'd have liked to see who would have won between this and the Khan deck I was running! I'll definitely be trying this myself, it looked like a lot of fun.

21 Feb 2017 CactusJack

@Rhaplanca1001No worries. It was the last game of the night.