Dark Harvest v3.0

Alotoaxolotls 39

This deck aims to solve the problem of runner not running against Chronos until they have no cards they want in their grip by using Bio-Ethics Association to punish turtling, and using harvester in order to make snipe cards a runner wants mid-run. Tons of fun. Would appreciate feedback.

17 Feb 2017 kjncl

This is neat, a great idea. What do you fire Marcus Batty on? Harvester? I think I would play Hostile Infrastructure and Breaker Bay Grid instead.

17 Feb 2017 Ghost00

Which store champ did this win?

17 Feb 2017 tonybluehose

Chronos Protocol: Selective Mind-mapping and Ark Lockdown are like Peanut Butter and Jelly. I like it.

17 Feb 2017 RubbishyUsername

@kjncl Cobra is the choice

17 Feb 2017 kjncl

@RubbishyUsernameAhh yes, that double net damage. That would be a good choice. I still feel you could get more net damage mileage out of BBGrid and Hostiles. I will say though, there is a few cards just spoiled that would go great in this style of deck...

17 Feb 2017 RubbishyUsername

@kjncl The trash man! Trash 1 program before encounter, they hit it and lose another program + 2 net! Ark Lockdown achieves lockout even if they land their breakers!

17 Feb 2017 kjncl

@RubbishyUsername I Retract my previous comment as it is obviously wrong now haha. I often forget about that pay window after approach but before encounter. With shaper taking the back seat on the runnerside at the moment (or at least sharing it with criminal) that pay window is ripe for exploitation.

17 Feb 2017 MrAaronSA

Aiki is a strict replacement for Harvester in almost all situations, I think.

19 Feb 2017 Netrunnerunner

I played a somewhat similar deck out of Potential Unleashed, but with some obvious differences because of the ID ability. What I learned is that 1) the runner WILL play Employee Strike or Rumor Mill, so have a way to clear it (though Strike hurts Chronos less than it hurts PU), 2) Himitsu-Bako is ridiculously good if you want to trash their rig, as it gets around Parasite, Knifed, and Femme, so replace Vanilla with it, 3) you REALLY want at least three destroyers, preferably four. A lot of games became really hard when the runner got their rig out and I couldn't find my Batty or a destroyer in time, but at least I had the fear of PU and my triple Shock/Snare to punish them. You'll have an even harder time if they install breakers as soon as they get them, so you may want to try to find space for even more destroyers. I don't love Ichi 1.0 because it will probably only trash one program and they'll click through the subs, but it's an option. You can play The Future Perfect over GFI to free up some influence, and maybe drop one Friends for another influence.

19 Feb 2017 1337J4NK5P4MM3R

super fun to play, thx for sharing this. went with -2 friends +2 green level clearance -1 harvester +1 data mine, but still missed some econ...

3 Mar 2017 APZachariah

Would Salem's Hospitality have a home here?