The Dream Twister (64 cards PE)

azimovhaas8 14

Kill deck on 64 cards, but if you're lucky can win by scoring (but this rare). Always install traps via Mushin, it's effective fast advance with Trcik of Light. Ice up centrals (HQ is better choice) and play good old bluffing : ) Card choice: Plan B: effective in case only 3 agendas (Fetal AI) can not be scored with Mushin'd Plan B. Especially good Philotic Entangelement : ) Stock Buy-Back: Good in mid late game, i choose between Punitive Counterstrike and this, and i prefer additional economy Cerebral Overwriter: Snare! and Fetal AI much more likely to kill with this Trcick of Light: cheap and reliable in trap heavy deck Biotic Labor: in case all your trap is trashed or you have 0 tokens on traps and want kill right now Voter Intimidation: Aaron Maron must die! Film Critic is also problem. Or Kate. Basically all ice support general kill idea, Mind Game is so good : ) 24 / 7 news cycle: nice combo piece (Philotic, Chronos or Profiteering most likely be used) Zaibatsu Loyalty: i know, expose is rare, but can kill your mind games quickly. I love feedbacks and notions. Have nice games and best of luck!