Tempo Leela v4.0

berenzen 121

This is my latest version of Tempo Leela.

The publication of Quorum came up with 3 strong cards for this deck: Tapwrm, Aaron and Sifr. This deck drew heavy inspiration from Slumdog Waltz, but uses some more modern cards to jumpstart the power of the deck.

Beth/Tapwrm both are exceedingly strong cards to help you passively gain tempo as the corp gains, and puts your further ahead when after a siphon.

Aaron is huge, it enables massive siphon turns (Up to 4! with Beth and SoT), and protects you from tagstorm decks. Never clear tags on your turn unless it would be beneficial for you to do so.

The big thing is the existance of Sifr over Desperado. Desperado is a fantastic card, but Sifr can get you so much bigger gains in a game, and interestingly, it lets you save influence in your Icebreakers. Corroder and Zu are cheaper in influence and in cost over Paperclip and Gordian Blade. With Sifr, they make them cost the same to break ICE. Against a deck with big ICE, this can save you more money than Desperado would make you in a game. The other thing about Sifr is that it punishes the corp for rezzing big ICE, so they are less likely to rez it.

Our win conditions are to put a lock on all three central servers, and putting heavy pressure on scoring servers if needed. Sneakdoor and Gang Sign will help you lock HQ, Interfaces hits R&D, and the sheer amount of money you can make will help you lock down a scoring server (if any).

Speaking of Gang SIgn, it's an amazing piece of tech against the current meta. A lot of decks are trying to counter Sifr by playing a much rushier style of play. Gang Sign and Leela help counter that, and force the corp to slow down. Except if they do that, it just lets you speed up even faster. If a corp purges to kill your Tapwrms, you're coming out ahead, because you spent 1-2 clicks to their 3. You force the corp to rush, then punish them for doing so.

Hades Shard is just there for the Railgun/CI7 counter. Put it on the table, and watch them sweat

Hope you guys enjoy the deck just as much as I do.

17 Feb 2017 asertus

Why not Eden Shard instead of Hades Shard?

17 Feb 2017 berenzen

There's already so much HQ pressure, and Hades Shard provides specific hate versus CI and railgun. If your meta doesn't run it, feel free to swap it to something else

17 Feb 2017 asertus

But I mean, that Eden Shard is better hate on all decks using Accelerated Diagnostics

17 Feb 2017 berenzen

Hades shard will win you a game vs. a power shutdown deck, namely railgun. Eden shard just means that they have to play around it. The deck has employee strike and siphons to fuck over other CI decks.