Apex the Magnificent!

CommissarFeesh 410

So, this deck is dumb. Super dumb. We were sitting around after a tourney one night chatting and someone happened to mention that becasue Top Hat is Hardware, Apex can use it.



So here we are, with a deck which is all theme and no strategy, and yet still has given me some of my most memorable moments in Netrunner recently (not wins though. GOD no. Are you nuts?)

So, despite being mostly just a deck with not-enough Stealth credits to support the breaker suite, it does have some tricks...

For example, even though much like Dan D'Argenio Apex has no sleeves and so can't hide anything in them, you can still pull a surprising number of things out of nowhere.

As well as that, with the right setup you can make ICE disappear! Delight and horrify your opponent as their server defenses vanish before their very eyes!

Particularly proud of the fact that you can saw your beautiful assistant in half as part of your act.

Survive people throwing knives at you!

And of course, never forget the big finish - you need a show stopper, and this is it!

17 Feb 2017 Handsome Jack

No Encore 0/10 wouldn't play again.

17 Feb 2017 CommissarFeesh

@Handsome Jack Originally I had 2x Copycat in here so I could do "The Transported Horrifying Tentacle Beast" trick but sadly some cards had to be cut to make the deck at least have a semblance of functionality :(

If I could cram it in (and thought I deserved one!) I'd totally get an Encore though ;)

17 Feb 2017 CommissarFeesh

@Handsome Jack aaaaand I just got the joke. /facetentacle