Palana Fast Traps

Gizmaluke 215

Deck I took to The Loaded Dice Store Champs. Third place in swiss with fourth overall going 0-2 in cut to prison RP decks with Baba Yaga Gabe. I'd only had two games with it on Jinteki before I sleeved it up so it's a very rough build but I think it shows early promise.

Plan 1: The most obvious plan is to Mushin out your traps and advance them once and try to land the kill. If you land a Cerebral Overwriter your ICE will often finish off the job, with a 1x Ronin there to allow you to be proactive with the kill. However, the traps are primarily just a safe place to leave tokens for your fast advance plan.

Plan 2: Trick of Light is how you'll get out most of your agendas. Cycle it with your Jacksons as they are used. Try to leave your traps with 2x tokens if you can so that they're still impactful. Two token Ronin can still land a kill in a turn with 2c.

Plan 3: Political Dealings if the third plan to close out the game. Throw it in the early game scoring remote once it's clear. With Palana Agroplex you are drawing multiple cards at the start of your turn. This increases your chances of pulling an agenda and scoring it that turn. With two Trick of Light in hand and 4 counters on the table you can FA a 5/3 drawn with Political Dealings out. Also, great synergy with Architect.

ICE Suite: It is resilient to parasite so that you can use your recursion for fast advance pieces. There's some cheap ETR gear checks for early scores. There's also a couple of spiky pieces in there with Cortex Lock in particular being dangerous if you land an early Cerebral Overwriter.

What next: While the fast advance plan is cheap, this deck doesn't really have an answer to siphon spam. It is also vulnerable to Employee Strike as it shuts off the 2c/turn drip that this deck relies on. Currently the only plan is to score to turn it off. I've got plans to deal with these issues once I've got more testing of the core deck done, but would be very interested to hear other peoples ideas.