How to fight Aaron Marron. (Alphaspel SC winner)

Greek Geek 461

I piloted the deck in a 16 (or 18) person tournament. 4 rounds, top 4. 1st place after Swiss. Won against Andromeda x2, Smoke, lost against Salsette Whizzard with slums, were I flooded 3 times and used all 3 jacksons in the first 5 rounds of the game, and against Leela (got pretty fast at 6 points before I managed to lock her out and Tag her, got to 4 points but scored the winning agenda in a hail mary run on HQ or I would win the next turn through EoI).

The decks plan is like completely extra ordinary. I got the best plan. Asset spam, Money up, score a couple of agendas with San San. Employ strike and Sulsete Slums are really bad. Really Bad. There is a bad hombre out there and he's called Aaron Maron. He is really bad too.

But I've got, the best cards. I got the best cards. I got some Data Ravens, and I 've got IP block too. It is very good. It works against Vamadeva and it works against Faust, too. And I have got some Hard Hitting News too. And my friend Jackson, he is my best friend. He likes news. Especially if they hit really hard. And I get to use them again an again. And then Maron cannot do so much.

And I got Bankers too. I got the best bankers, everyone knows it. And some really good actors that support me too. I use them all the time, because they are the best. Especially against that bad man Whizzard, I like to use them as fast as possible. Because he has friends in some really bad places. Slums really. It's horrible.

And then I put SanSan behind a strong Ice and score, And that bad Whizzard goes to trash my SanSan. But them I got HHN for him. I am the best.

I got a plan against criminals too. I think it's a fair match up. I know I can win. Tag them like there is no tomorrow. I score Breaking News on San San to force them to use Aaron immediately for fear my punishment. And then I hit them with the news. Hard. And again. And again.

As I said, I got the best cards. Trust me. Everyone knows it. It's the best deck.

Companion Runner deck:

19 Feb 2017 ZiNOS

Quicksand FTW! Congrats on your win, team BBQ going international.

19 Feb 2017 Kelfecil

You had me at "co╬╝pletely." Congrats dude! :D

19 Feb 2017 Greek Geek

Edited for spelling. Thanks Kelfecil.

I knew I got the best people.

19 Feb 2017 Greek Geek

@ZiNOSQuicksand was the best. On R&D, it was just amazing. So expensive. Wow

19 Feb 2017 Critical Joe

If it's coincidence, I apologise, but the writeup sounds like a Trump Speech.

19 Feb 2017 Greek Geek

@Critical Joe Not a coincidence. We share the same PR team. It's the best team ever. :P

20 Feb 2017 mcbeast

5/5 would Aroon5 again. Congrats to the win!

20 Feb 2017 Greek Geek

@mcbeast Thanks! It was a great day! Aaron is a great card!