Whizzard in Sunny

Shmeguy 1589

Lets clear a few things up:

Firstly, forget whatever you heard, Sunny is obviously the best mini faction.

Second of all, the name is accurate; I drew into Whizzard with a quality time by accident. Unfortunately the corp was CI and the recurring credits were not needed.

Lastly, I was encouraged to play Sunny by Knails because I already had a full set of laurie points. Would probably take Val, Whizz or Andy otherwise :)

Overall I don't think this deck is too shit but it felt like a refreshing change for me. Came 3rd at Bag of Holding SC in Bournemouth, I had 2 losses to CI (need Donut tech) and 1 to HBFA. However it easily dealt with some fast NEH asset spam decks with 3x scrubber and 3x paricia and that felt pretty good. Going forwards I will probably try fit a second Vamp or estrikes somehow to help the CI matchup (you can also trade career fairs and quality times for 2 Donut and a 3rd Temujin however idk about this yet it might be a little too janky).