RegAndy - 2017 Tucson Games & Gadgets SC - 1st Place

jjthejetplane246 142

This is an exact copy of rojazu's Andy Strikes Back 2.0:

I wanted to play something other than Dyper since I've been rolling with that for my last 2 SCs. Decided to grab a good old criminal. Man, this deck is good. Like really good. With Aaron and Temujin, criminal is definitely back in tier 1. Went 6-0 on the day and didn't feel like I was in a bad position all day.

Round 1 was against a newer player on Gagarin. He tried to score early without econ which ended up with me just mediuming for the win.

Round 2 was against Russian NEH which is a pretty easy matchup when you see money, which I did. Just trashing everything works pretty well.

Round 3 was against GRNDL and probably the most interesting match of the whole day. I knew he was on midseasons/boom, so I let him score a naked Oaktown and a naked GFI while I got money going. Best play was having Aaron on 4 and Femming HQ into double AS for the money swing that would pretty much end the game. Managed to medium his hostiles which took away his only out.

Round 4 was against Off The Grid HB where my HQ pressure was just too much.

Both cut games (1st game and grand finals) were against the Russian NEH from round 2 which played out exactly the same as the first game.

This deck is really good, and I had a great time playing it. It was nice to play some straight up netrunner, but still going back and forth on whether to sleeve up Dyper for Regionals with all the Shutdown Boom/CI floating around.