Palana Grail - 2017 Tucson Games & Gadgets SC - 1st Place

jjthejetplane246 142

This deck was derived from AwesomeOosh's Palana Grail:

My last two SCs, I played Railgun as my corp which is definitely fun and pretty solid right now, but I wanted to try and win with some regular glacier build. Saw this Palana deck and decided to give it a go. Turns out it was a pretty rough day, and I had to win way too many psi games to pull out the wins I needed. On the day it went 3-2.

Round 1 was a win against a newer player on Smoke. He made some aggressive runs on R&D which result in Batty rig trashes which sealed the game pretty early.

Round 2 was a loss against Whizzard which ended quickly as half of my first 15 cards drawn were agendas.

Round 3 was a loss facing Geist where I just tried to rush out and got to 5 points before getting totally locked out.

Round 4 was a win up against a Leela running gingerbread and panchachachas....with corporate scandals and blackmail/SOT, so I had to win like 10 psi games and was 1 card away from milling myself.

Only game in the cut was in the winner's bracket final against the same Leela from round 4. I knew better what to expect, but the exact thing happened. Ended up winning with no cards in R&D, but snuck out the win behind a caprice and 2 battys.

Psi games are too stressful even though I think I did well with them. Definitely going to switch back to Railgun or something else come Regional season.

19 Feb 2017 npgames

Didn't realize you almost milled yourself twice, I'm keeping the fisks in :D

19 Feb 2017 jjthejetplane246

Haha I swear the last 10 turns of both games were either me clicking for 3 credits or scoring. Stacks of 4 ice on 3 servers is pretty expensive.