Spicy Colorado Meatball (3-1) @ TEG Store Championship

jase2224 320

Updated version of the PU deck that I ran a couple of weeks ago at Petries. The prior version I found too slow and too poor for my taste. So for econ I added some Celebrity Gifts and Targeted Marketing. The TM also helps to turn off Employee Strike or other currents. Even though Şifr is around, I decided to include Chiyashi for anyone without that console because the face check is just painful, otherwise, it does a great job of taxing the runner so they have less money to trash assets. I never got a chance to use Blacklist, but with Shaper and Anarch recursion and the parasite abuse with Şifr the ability to keep ICE from insta-death sounded great. Anyway, first round I got agenda flooded, but with Leela was able to sweep the next 3 rounds to finish 5th in swiss and just miss the cut due to a weak strength of schedule. It was a great day of netrunner with at least another variant of this deck winning the day in a field of some very strong players.