Violent Voicemails

Valranoth 351

This deck is like a bad ex.



More playing around with Aryabata Tech. This week, we've got more jank!

She's All That (Card Choices):

  • Door to Door: It's pressure. It's an Arya trigger. It turns on Drone Screen.
  • Primary Transmission Dish: Look Ma, I'm Making News!
  • Drone Screen: Is it garbage before they're tagged? Sure! How long will they be able to dodge being tagged against this ID?
  • Checkpoint: Is it garbage without Broadcast Square? Yes. With it? Beauty in motion. Macrophage is a great STR 7 codegate. Why not add another?
  • Observe and Destroy: They will be poor. If not now, eventually. When they are poor and tagged from the tracing headlock, smash their most prized possession.

Makeovers (Options):