2 week supernoob deck v3 runner

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Knighthammer 5

24 Feb 2017 Krams

Including more copies of your console in your deck will help you finding it early on reliably. Note that the limit to 1 console per player only counts for active (installed) consoles, you can have as many in your deck as you like.
You can get the influence for more copies by exchanging a Paperclip with a Corroder.

And I don't think that Decoy is worth it. You have Aaron MarrĂ³n for fast tag removal, so you don't really need to avoid tags.
The card is needed in Core Set only games, but it's outclassed by other tag protection options if you're using a wider cardpool. I don't think you'll miss it if you just drop it to decrease your deck size.

24 Feb 2017 Knighthammer

@KramsThanks for that advice, the core of the deck was based entirely on the starter and I've been changing things for the last couple of weeks - I've got the data pack with the 7 cost shard, Hades Shard to help with people hiding Agendas in the Archives, I will add the extra console and that for the Decoys. Funny thing is I had just swapped 2 corroders for the 2 Paperclips :D