2 week supernoob deck corp

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Knighthammer 5

24 Feb 2017 Krams

Just some tips for your deck:

  • This Identity is really bad. There's nothing much to do about it.
  • High-Risk Investment is better than Government Contracts 90% of the time.
  • Your start seems to be kinda slow. A runner with good early game aggression might simply not leave your economy assets out and thus slowing your early game dramatically. If you can't defend the first Adonis or Melange you might not recover fast enough.
  • Your only real winning plan is to slowly score 2 5/3 agendas over 2 turns each. And that's okay for noob vs noob matches, as this 'glacier' archetype is a pretty straightforward way of playing Corp. The problem is that (a) you will need to include some defensive Upgrades to pull this off relably, because keeping the runner out with nothing but taxing ICE will not be enough and (b) glaciers have a really hard time in the current metagame.
  • You have 5 Operation just to counter runner resources. That is beastly good if the runner is relying heavily on resources, which most runners do in the current meta. But it's a risk, as some runners might be immune to this by simply not having any resources in their deck.
24 Feb 2017 Knighthammer

@Krams , thanks for the advice, i think im up to Version5 atm

This Identity has been changed to Blue Sun as has a few other bits and pieces as the one i was using is not that good for this set up