Mad Dash for "Freedom"

Critical Joe 26

Ok, so firstly thanks for checking this out, It's my first proper homebrew deck and as a new(ish) player I think I've done ok. I've only been playing since 23 seconds.

Ok, so the deck...

Baba Yaga - It's so good, but it's slow, so I wanted a way to make it effective and speed up the win. Standard Criminal build of Breach, Faerie and Yog.

Mad Dash - This just seems nuts... Stupidly good... You can keyhole out 5 points, Freedom and Dash in for the win. Councilman and Hades are there to prevent the pesky Jackson save.

So, other cards and reasonings.

Tapwrm - This seems good, it's a daily casts, that might be a ton better what with Stinson turning up a lot.

Keyhole - It's Keyhole....

Earthrise for draw, Temujin to allow multiple R&D accesses which should hopefully pay for itself a bit.

The Gauntlet - I feel this might be controversial. I figure it's a great legwork replacement, while giving me the mem for Keyhole and my Baba Rig. Same effect for less cards.

Spot the Prey - Seems great, though this may be a meta call with a lot of Jinteki trap shenanigans.

On The Lam - Because of Railgun and Tag free Siphons.

So... Thoughts?

Oh, and we'll likely discuss this on the podcast at some point soon. Shameless plug, Critical Twits (youtube, soundcloud, facebook)

Changes I'm considering.

Test Run - same inf as Keyhole, but might get me it quicker? Though I'm a bit stuffed if it hits the Heap.

Inside Job - feels weird not running this, helps early aggression.

Gang Sign - again, feels like it should be in Leela, but spaces are tight.

Planned Assault - get those mad dashes out faster.