Adam's Investment Portfolio (4th place Birmingham SC)

Circadia 2786

So-called because I accidentally had 3 copies of Hedge Fund instead of Sure Gamble on the day, but the TO saved me during the very first game (and let me off with a warning.) Final result was 4-2, losing one game in swiss (NEH asset spam) and in the cut (CTM). Both losses ended with me on match point and could have gone either way.

Beyond the shell my includes were:

-Scrubber to absorb NAT trashes, and to deal with all the NEH asset spam around in the UK meta - I managed to beat 2 on the day and Scrubber pulled its weight.

-Archives Interface so you have an answer to Friends in High Places that can also give you Temujin money and a decent soak for ABR/FTT triggers.

-Government Investigations because sometimes you need a 0 cost current to turn off Scarcity and ELP, and it has more benefit than Interdiction, which is entirely negated by Find the Truth (as soon as you reveal it, the corp rezzes their Caprices and Battys, boo.) I didn't play it at all on the day but I never faced any currents that mattered and never had to play a psi game.

Side note: Adam wrecks CI-7 - ditch Safety First and just go to town on their single sub ice on HQ. Use Find the Truth to snipe agendas from R&D (it's like getting 3 accesses for 4 clicks every single turn). It's actually quite funny how favoured Adam is with just his directives. The only things you'll ever trash (VLC/Jackson) are things you actually want to trash anyway so there are basically no downsides to your directives. Obviously Archives Interface and TTW help too. I beat CI twice, one in Swiss and once in the cut.

27 Feb 2017 AsteriskCGY

Woo Archive Interface. Think it works better than Employee Strike? Sounds like it did against CI.