TheBigBoy's 3strike Sifr Dumble (1st place)

TheBigBoy 8594

This is my version of SifrDumble. It took 1st place at the FFG store champ out of 25 players.

Round 1: Played against Murder CI. He played a Restructure with only 7 cards in hand which set off serious alarms so I stopped running. I clicked for 4 credits if i had to each turn once I had Wyldcakes up. I estrike him, he currents over, I estrike again, he scores a naked ABT, I same old thing estrike, he has no answer, the agendas go in the trash, I run archives and win.

Round 2: Played against Jesse Bluem (last year's regional champ) on Palana. I get estrike down turn 2 and it never gets cleared. I think it drained about 12-15 credits this game. His first score attempt is behind DNA vanilla which hurts to go through but I bid 2 on the caprice psi and steal his Mk 2. Next turn I sifr parasite the tracker, his estruck econ doesn't hold up and I snowball to the win.

Round 3 (ID but played): Played against BiztheDad's Midseasons Stinson SYNC. I have a really durdly setup but he doesn't draw any agendas for too long. Eventually I blow up his whole scoring remote and lock it down after i secure the money lead and he has no way out.

Round 4 (ID but played): Played against Fictional's Batty Grail Palana. Lost this one. he got a remote of double wraparound + swordsman + batty which is a total nightmare and scored out of it super fast before I could tear it down with Sifr.

1st Cut game: Played against Fictional's Palana again. This time I stick and estrike and the early game goes better for me. He scores out a CST and a Mk 2 but i get the Medium lock on and he can't get out. Crazy enough all his agendas are at the bottom of his deck and he runs 19 ice, so I actually get to only 6 cards left in my deck (post levy) before I can finish him off. Scary. IMPORTANT: Vs. Batty just install every Faust you draw. This stops them from doing double-trash nonsense, especially with grails.

2nd Cut game: vs. Potential unleashed. Scary game, I draw my levy and SoT super early and lose my Levy to damage. Luckily he doesn't have arc lockdown yet so I play medium and hit R&D hard to make sure it's not coming. Eventually he keeps me out so I pop SoT for Levy as soon as he's going to get fresh cards. Late into my 2nd pass through the deck I get a 2nd medium and go deep for the win when he's too low on credits to fire multiple snares.

Grand Finals vs Bizthedad's SYNC: He gets the money lead and jams an IAA datapool really early which i have to run. I get midseasoned for 6 tags after spending all my money, but I play Plascrete so I don't die. I then start slowly taking money and then play estrike to start taking off tags. I make some progress but he IAA's a reversed accounts to get me to run and then pops it and HHNs me back to 5 tags. I have no money, nothing installed but a plas and 5 tags, but he has no money as well. I poke R&D. Agenda. Poke again. Agenda GG. I kinda lucksacked this one in the end but I never would have been in that crap position if I had drawn more money early.

Lessons: Estike is insane. Run 3.

Rumor Mill over 2nd knifed is good if people go to Palana. Otherwise Slums over it if people go to CtM. I expected EtF so I played the silverware instead (funny that I faced none on the day).

Cutting d4 makes the deck overall stronger against everything EXCEPT wraparound (and also Turing). If people use this version consider slotting those cards in higher numbers .

Midseasons is good against this.

Whiz is the best :praise:

26 Feb 2017 thebigunit3000

Lessons: Estike is insane. Run 3.