TheBigBoy's Total Disrespect for A-a-ron (1st place)

TheBigBoy 8548

I didn't know what to play so I took out a Closed Accounts from my CtM for a NASX and sleeved it up. This took 1st in a field of 25 at the FFG store champ.

Round 1: Played against Smoke. Smoke isn't Criminal or Whiz so I won.

Round 2: Played against Faust Ken Tenma. He plays slums and aaron and kills some stuff, but he goes below 8 and I HHN him (oops). I trash his stuff, lock down centrals, and eventually psycho out.

Round 3 (ID but played): Played against Dumble. He gets out slums but I sansan breaking news and kill it. I have a wrap in front of the sansan he can't break and I just chain out agendas off it while buying time with politicals that he has to kill.

Round 4 (ID but played): Played against Andy. She doesn't draw Desperado and I nail her with HHN early after she trashes a MVT'd Bankers. She tries to dig out of the tag hole, but it's too slow and I score out off sansan.

Cut Round 1: Played against Faust Ken Tenma again. Game went the same way. He gets down aaron and slums, but I get the HHN off and kill them. I lock it down with resistors and wraparounds and he's done for.

Cut Round 2: (Loss) Played against Dumble. He gets slums down and this time I don't have HHN or any agendas but beales so it carries him through the early game. He gets down wyldcakes and I can't capitalize on the tempo hit so my board falls apart.

I come back from the loser's bracket with whiz and play CtM in the 1st game of grand finals where I have to win both.

Grand Finals: Vs. Dumble (same one that I've played twice already). Again he has the slums. I kill it with breaking news but he has ANOTHER ONE grrrrrrr. Eventually I get a wraparound on a sansan and score Astro. He goes medium and sees about 10 unique cards over 4-5 turns, stealing a beale and two breaking news. I finally HHN him, get R&D locked down with Wraparound and Resistor when he is out of parasites, Astro out a Beale and then feed a GFI and EoI for the win. Important to note that I put a PAD behind an Archangel on about turn 3 that lasted the WHOLE GAME and carried me super hard. I think this is a great play against all Whiz that you should strongly consider, especially if they open with slums.

Deck's good. Go yellow cards.

26 Feb 2017 themeanlady


26 Feb 2017 josh01

total disrespect

27 Feb 2017 Dloaf

A A Ron!!!

27 Feb 2017 podoboyz99

I won a SC with the same deck yesterday but -1 MVT +1HHN. Thanks for reminding everyone what the best corp deck is!

4 Mar 2017 Myriad

Is Sync BRE worth a slot over Raven? Probably not?