Next Generation Cop (4th place SC Bern)

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Jinteki pays PriSec @Water Tower Massacre to enforce clone police!

The shootings last week @Water Tower were just one step in Hiros plan to take over NA through the control of the NAPD by an army of police golems. Nisei was just the start of the infiltration of the police force. They are already working on Nisei Mk II in their secret labs. They call the program "the future perfect" so nobody suspects anything. But they can't fool us. See the attached data files, they proof everything! Commissioner Chen-Mai was reluctant to hire more clones but after Water Tower they suddenly ordered 100 more Niseis. No corporate sales team could've persuaded her that quickly. But with the resent events they made it seem as if the NAPD lost control and so they ordered Niseis! Jinteki is on the fast track to their plans of oppressing all of NA!!! -Omar

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I've brought this deck to a store championship and won 4 out of 5 games with it (I was the first person eliminated in the top 4 cut). I think its very fun (if you are the person who likes mind games). The plan of the deck is quiet simple: create a remote with Nisei and Batty and score a Nisei, another 2 pointer and then a future perfect, which you get with fast track. Fast track can also be used to fetch a Nisei Mk II early. The ice is very cheap to rez and so you don't need too much money. Don't hesitate to protect your centrals with Batty and Caprice. You can recur them with crick, architect and friends. Scarcitiy of resources was manly included to counter rumor mill but it was very useful. There were a lot of resource depending criminals which got crippled by an early scarcity of resources. I created the deck because of the new psi ice "mind games" which is very strong, I think. In the early game its almost a 0 cost end the run and later you can redirect them into Crick or Aiki an archives. Rototurret is also strong on the scoring server. If you manage to snipe of their sentry breaker with Batty you can trash 2 programs and end the run with just one ice that did cost you only 4 to rez. Also I drew a lot with that deck. Its good to have a full hand for celebrity gift and I try to at least double ice the important servers as quick as possible. Because the ice is cheap you don't have to worry about clicking for credits. Don't hesitate to rush an early Nisei Mk II tho.