How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the BOOM!

BizTheDad 135

This deck is a direct rip from this deck: My changes were adding News Hound.

I took this deck to the FFG store championship on 2/25/17 and placed 2nd. Having played in a couple store championships before I knew I'd face a lot of regular Criminal and Anarch and that's exactly what happened. I think this deck excels at getting past matchups with runners that either run poor or depend on run economy.

On the day I went 6-3 with this deck with two of the losses being ID's. All the wins were kills. Here's a rundown of the matchups:

  • Round 1 I face an Andy. I score a PriReq behind a double News Hound remote. The scoring attempt was nothing more than an attempt to get him to dip low on credits. He does just that. Enter Bryan and I go up to a million credits. Eventually he gets another agenda and I Midseason him and kill him.

  • Round 2 I face another Andy. Round two he dips below six credits. Enter Bryan and I go up a million credits. He's VERY scared to run at that point which lets me score a Restructured Datapool. Having a million credits I can simply start tagging him. After two turns he gets three tags and I kill him

After round 2 I'm 4-0 and my opponents and I simply want to ID to get into the top 8 cut.

Top 8 1st Game: I kill a Hate Bear Whizzard player who goes tag me early by simply BOOM!'ing him.

Top 8 2nd Game: I kill a Sifr Kate player by getting a TM out early and calling Magnum. He gives me the ten credits which allows me to score a Restructured Datapool early. He knows he's on a clock at this point so he hail Mary's on R&D getting him one agenda. I Midseason and kill him after that.

Top 8 3rd Game: I play runner and beat the CTM player that I eventually play in the finals.

In the finals I'm playing against TheBigBoy's Whizzard and CTM.

Finals Game 1: I lose with my runner against his CTM.

Finals Game 2: I get up on money early. He loses a bit of tempo putting down Wyldside/Pancakes. I play out a naked agenda and he steals it. I play Hedge Fund and Midseason him for 6 tags leaving him at zero credits. I can't find Bryan, BOOM! or Consulting Visit to save my life. Meanwhile he's starting to claw his way back up and gets down to one tag and 8 credits. On my turn I Reversed Accounts him down to zero and I HHN him given he made a run. Now he's back down to zero and has five tags. Still can't find all the cards built around taking advantage of that exact situation though... I have one credit left and he's on 3 points. He runs R&D knowing he's on clock. I only have an unrezzed Data Raven on R&D and he steals one and then another for the win. I was pretty crushed.

Thanks to all the people I played against on the day. As always all the people were great. And thanks to everyone for all the complements on the deck. I need to give all the credit to Erik_Twice on that.

Here's some changes I would make: - I'm going to ditch the Sub Boost as it did pretty much nothing on the day. I'm simply going to add in another Sweeps. - I think 2 Data Wards might be a bit much. I might remove one of those for the third News Hound.

26 Feb 2017 Steamwood

Rough time in that last game! Still, the success of the deck earlier in the day is nothing to sneeze at. Good writeups! Are there any other agendas you considered in place of Priority Requisition? It seems like it'll save you a buck on Data Ward, but not much else. Would you consider Puppet Master in case of Temüjin Contract?

27 Feb 2017 Erik_Twice

No need to thank me, thanks to you for taking the deck to a tournament and having so much success with it! :)

27 Feb 2017 Fictional

This list is great and you played it well at the tourney. I have been playing this with your listed changes as well as switching the Data Ravens for Turnpikes and it has been doing very well.

27 Feb 2017 BizTheDad

@Erik_Twice, you're so welcome.

@Fictional, thanks for the compliment. I appreciate it. Yeah, I really like the idea of replacing the Data Raven's with Turnpike's. I always hate rezzing a Data Raven and either not having any immediate on-encounter punishment or not making them break it.

27 Feb 2017 BizTheDad

@Steamwood, I don't think I'd slot Puppet Master. If the runner can make multiple runs using Temüjin Contract then I haven't done my job. I usually try to target Temüjin Contract with Targeted Marketing when I'm facing Criminal.

I'm thinking about slotting Hades Fragment in place of one of the Priority Requisition's. Priority Requisition is simply there just to get another 5/3 and it's one of the best options even though it doesn't have too much synergy in the deck.

4 Apr 2017 APZachariah

Consider Media Blitz, perhaps? You could use the Restructured Datapool even it's stolen