Jemison FA 1st Monthly Tournament (10 people)

ashtaroth 126

This is the deck I used to win a Casual tournament. The rules of the deck are pretty simple: score Hostile Takeover. From there on, the deck just rolls automatically. Rezzing Oberth forfeiting the HT, makes you able to have 5 advancements on a card in three clicks, which means a 5/3 agenda, or an Atlas with 2 counters. Public Support and Clones are other ways to have forfeit fodder ready. Clones is also a current which is important to combat Rumour Mill (that shuts down Oberth) and Employee Strike. Playing Clones also diverts attention from remotes and R&D to HQ, because you're signaling a score soon. Corporate Town was a meta choice (anti-DLR and Wyldcakes) and can be swapped. Until the 2/0 agenda gets release, Jemison seems lackluster. ICE is made around Sifr and secure enough to give you game against Shapers. Sapper is probably one of your best ICEs in disguise.

Any question feel free to ask me in the comments!

26 Feb 2017 internet_potato

So the Oberth play is:

  • Install oberth
  • Install Agenda
  • Forfeit HT, place 2 advancements on agenda and rez Oberth
  • Advance (+1 from Oberth)

So that's 4 counters (right?). Or do you find you were able to start a turn with Oberth on the board and get 5 advancements?

I've been thinking that Advanced Assembly Lines (and Executive Boot Camp to tutor for it) would be great in this ID to minimize the risk of getting Oberth trashed at an inconvenient time, and to give you a method to install CVS to combat clot.

Also, it seems like False Lead is pretty solid if you think of it as a 3/1 that reads: "Forfeit False Lead: The runner loses . Place 2 agenda counters on a card." (especially spicy if you can fit in a Snare!).

26 Feb 2017 dawspawn

I love the Clones addition. I've also found Fast Track to be extremely useful, it might be good in place of Corporate Town or Election Day.

26 Feb 2017 PureFlight

@internet_potato That's the play for Corporate Sales Team and Atlas w/ Counter, yeah. If you install Oberth the turn before and it sticks, you can then FA a High-Risk Investment - the to install oberth is replaced with an extra advancement. That way you net 2 points with the play and not 1.

You're right: AAL would be an amazing way to get Oberth on the board for the 5-cost agenda play.

False lead in Jemison would be neat as well. Seems hard to pull off maybe, but the mind games would be so juicy!

26 Feb 2017 ashtaroth

@internet_potato If you want to install everything from hand then you get 4 counters, which gives you Atlas with 1 counter or CST. They way I played I always tried to stick Oberth into the table before pulling the combo. Public Supports helped disguise him. AAL might be worth including, but if you get to trigger it once and defend the server successfully for 1 turn, you've pretty much won the game. Albeit I understand the reasons behind False Lead, I think that card and Trick of Light are traps from Jemison Astronautics: Sacrifice. Audacity. Success. and not good enough to warrant play.

@dawspawn might be from difference of playstyle, but for me Fast Track seems a waste of time: between Jackson Howard, Green Level Clearance and your own draws, you get agendas at a very fine pace. Election day serves a different purpose, I don't use it to dig, I use to refill my hand, after installing everything I got into the Oberth combo.

@PureFlight you're right on the money, and ramping from 1 to 3 is so much more threatning than 1 to 2 (just to be safer). If Oberth is well defended, which might as well be, because the Runner is still building up, you can score an Atlas from hand. Suddendly you're at match point.