Fort Knox

bubbathegoat 588

This is my Titan rush deck that I've been using for the past month or so. It's brought me a couple 3rd and 4th place finishes at ~20 person events, but no big wins. The ideas here are derived from @beyoken's video on BABW deckbuilding and @anachron's titan deck.

Overall this is a surprisingly strong deck that can be quite adaptable. Consulting Visit and Archived Memories provide a lot of tutoring and recurring threats. This deck bluffs often, and builds a board state that forces the runner to choose between multiple bad options. This deck may have had the most 'Living the Dream' moments of any deck I have ever piloted.

This is a rush deck, with a few extra gimmicks:
1. Midseasons-Boom Flatline
2. Econ Denial via reversed accounts
3. Fast Advance via Biotic Labor

The ICE is a mix of cheap gear checks and taxing ICE. You don't really need to dump much ICE on centrals, usually only 1 piece (Mausolus or Veritas, etr only for crim) goes onto the more important one depending on matchup.

Scoring remote is etr gear checks + Sapper. Jam and score.

Toss crap into the scoring remote to make the runner check it as often as possible. Keep going fast to either get Atlas scored + tokens, or make the runner go broke stealing, then use Bryan Stinson to get big money to power a Midseason Replacements.

Install-Advance Reversed Accounts is a strong play, the runner has to go after it and spend credits, since it it as dangerous as letting an agenda go. Score your Atlas's the same way for 2 tokens and all the tutoring you need.

Installing multiple Bryan Stinson in the scoring remote is good too, since it can bluff as a never-advance atlas. Byran can also bluff as Crisium Grid on HQ or R&D.

Archived Memories is the best card. Don't cut it. It tutors BOOM! and Biotic Labor, either of which probably win the game for you.

The Reversed Accounts-Dedication Ceremony combo is strong. It can hit 12c out of the runner's pool in a single turn. As a IA bluff, it can hit 20c. These are huge tempo hits against a corp that challenges the runner to find breakers and keep up with the persistent threat of Stinson mega-bux and Midseasons. Mausolus is only good as a dedication ceremony target if you really don't want the runner to run that server ever again.

Preemptive Action is the weakest card in the deck. It would be the 3rd Jackson, which is obviously better because card draw is important. It's only use is to reset CV's and CV targets.

Dyper is a pain. The correct move here is to get as many atlas tokens and agendas into hand as possible to mess up their power turn. You'll never land tags or rez ICE, so you only need enough money to score.
Film Critic is a hoser card. If you see a lot of it, consider a Snatch and Grab (which can be tutored via CV) or maybe a Contract Killer, but obviously an operation is better here.