The Peaceful Prison (1st SC St. Petersburg, FL)

indeflab4 162

Want to start off by saying thanks to the guys at Critical Hit Games in St. Pete, Florida for hosting this small, 5 person tourney. Been going there for a few years now, and it's great fun every time they host events.

This deck had a record of 3-0, have been able to control the flow of the game in all it's matchups fairly easily. I'm personally a big fan of runner control lists, as balancing building board state and applying targeted pressure is an interesting puzzle to me. It also helps that no one except me plays net damage in my area, so I could cut that tech for Cyber-Cypher to break HB rush remote ICE like Turing, Magnet and Bronze without paying a lot of up-front cost via Study Guide, which is more of a late-game breaker when the drip econ is flowing.

Round 1 - Faced off against HB Friendcoats, which rushed to an early 4-0 lead before I could break the remote without overextending. Vamp drained 30-40 credits in this game, allowing me to run R&D with Equivocation to close the game after sniping 2 agendas from the remote. Clot was removed by Ark Lockdown near the end of the game, but a second Vamp via Same Old Thing kept them too poor to Biotic any more points out. (1-0)

Round 2 - Playing against a Sol Glacier deck with Midseasons. The Corp rushed out an early Astro, but couldn't find another agenda for 3-4 more turns, giving me more than enough time to find both Film Critic and New Angeles City Hall, the latter basically acting as a breaker for Data Raven the whole match. All agendas went onto Film Critic until I played Vamp for another 30-40 credits lost for the Corp, at which point remote sniping and Equivocation gave me the last 3 points I needed. Noteworthy strategy was keeping a 15 Minutes on the Critic until the turn I won, as that was the only agenda that deck can Fast Advance without another card like Astro token or SSCG, and the token had been used to get a Beale out of hand. (2-0)

Round 3: Played Ve Herrman from The Source Podcast, who was on HB Friendcoats. They were able to rush 4 points out of the remote before I was able to contest, but kept Clot on the table this game, rather than let it go into the bin in case of Ark Lockdown. Vamp hit once for 55 credits, at which point I raided HQ for single accesses and found the last agenda in R&D. (3-0)