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Valranoth 351


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Adherents to the Gospel of Wealth, few as we are, gather close. You may already be familiar with my last Spark creation. While it has proven effective, there is a looming threat:

Card Rotation

Though some may consider it sacrilege, I decided to bite the bullet. Our Lord and Savior Jackson Howard is not present in this deck. Instead, he's been usurped by a young upstart: Alexa Belsky. Having played a my fair share of games, I must make a confession:

I don't miss Jackson at all.

The gameplan is mostly the same as before: drown the runner in their own gluttony by selling them various goods and services in trying times. Control their board state through tags, violence and staying power. Score your agendas quickly, efficiently and elegantly.

The secret sauce is the new girl: Alexa Belsky. She solves the problem of a flooding hand rather interestingly by saying to the opponent: "I might be flooded. If I am and you pay, I'll stay flooded." In practice, the runner will rarely pay a dime (if they're able to at all). That resets your hand, shuffles your deck, and gives you just one central to defend: R&D.

Now, you may ask: why not run Special Report? Well, dear reader, a number of reasons:

  1. I can't use Special Report to reset the clock when faced with a slew of seminars or a runner's equivocating.
  2. I can't use Special Report to fix my handsize when I overdraw with Jeeves and Sensie.
  3. I can't use Special Report mid-Legwork.
  4. I can't easily recur Special Report with my Friends.

As an added bonus, I can save Preemptive Action for important cards like Friends in High Places. No more awkward turns of dumping agendas into Archives and hope the runner doesn't steal them so I can use PA.


Other cards that will rotate in this deck:


Give the deck a shot. I hope you have as much fun as I do.

1 Mar 2017 YankeeFlatline

didn't think rebranding team was pulling weight, huh?

1 Mar 2017 Handsome Jack

How do you deal with Noise or other decks that aim to trash things directly? I've been running a similar deck with an added kill threat, and Keyhole/Virus stuff was really annoying.

1 Mar 2017 Valranoth

@YankeeFlatline: Naw, it really wasn't. Instead, Corporate Sales Team #3 provides extra econ and the AstroScript Pilot Program gives yet another way for us to cheat out our agendas. I think this is the best I'm gonna do with the agendas for now. (Still holding out for NAPD 2.0 or something.)

@Handsome Jack: Tax is the main plan. Against Noise and Keyhole, you're gonna have to race. If you can slow down their setup (Wyldside, Keyhole, Sifr, etc), then you can pull ahead. Save the Ark Lockdown for important cards they want to recur like Cache. Protect your econ if they're really dedicated (or Whizzard).

I actually tried building my own version of your kill deck. No success yet, but a couple of ideas:

1 Mar 2017 Handsome Jack

@Valranoth here's my deck, meant to share. pretty successful so far.