MetalheadMike 16

I created this as a fun deck built around our old pal Ken who just gets no love. Mostly just a criminal good stuffs deck, but with the terrible card of bookmark so you don't lose your Legwork and Maker's Eyes just because you can't find breakers.

3 Mar 2017 x3r0h0ur

if you just put your influence from book mark into more copies of TME (maybe upgrade to pclip and gordo) and slot the last SoT, you'd be fine :P

3 Mar 2017 rotage

I'll hear no bad words against my beloved BookMark :) but agree that it may not be suited in this deck, if you are struggling to hold cards then maybe use public sympathy instead

4 Mar 2017 Swiftie

rotage, do you have a tag or some sort of ping for bookmark?