Red Planet Madness

RetroVirus 46

My early build of Jemison so far. I really like the one of Junebug for bluffing purposes. As others have noted, you can stick an Oberth on a central server and put out a naked Junebug an potentially flatline a runner with 4 damage if they run. I feel like the Consulting + Boom package is needed as a backup threat; if I wanted to play straight fast advance I think Titan has the edge. But this is fun and new, so why not give it a shot. Green is good.

4 Mar 2017 HollowsHeart

Why just sac a 1 point agenda for 4 Junebug damage when you could sac a Project Atlas for 6 Junebug damage and a much higher chance of flatline?

4 Mar 2017 RetroVirus

@HollowsHeartYou're totally right about the net damage values, I was just envisioning the lowest opportunity cost to hit someone with a Junebug; using an Atlas or even a 5/3 to flatline is absolutely the right call if possible.

5 Mar 2017 overlord midas

Suddenly forfeiting larger agendas does look suspicious though. Also, the 5/3 grants 4 counters, and can be used to score....4/2s or other 5/3s, and Vanity Project. is there a window where the runner is committed to accessing and you can still trigger Jemison?

5 Mar 2017 MrHuds0n

@overlord midas Yeah, at 4.2 runner has the last opportunity to jack out, at 4.3 is a paid ability window.

5 Mar 2017 bergil

If I'm reading the FAQ Timing Structure right, the runner decides to access at step 4.2 of the run, and then there's a rezzing and paid abilities window at step 4.3 before the run is successful (4.4) and cards are accessed (4.5). The Oberth forfeit is on rez, and I assume the Jemison ability triggers immediately - so ask the runner whether they want to access (4.2), then rez Oberth & place counters (both 4.3), and flatline them (4.5).