Mean MaxX Again (1st Place, Uncles Redmond SC, 2/28/17)

podoboyz99 2343

I won a thing with MaxX. Whooooooooo!

10 Mar 2017

David, is that you?

10 Mar 2017 SillySod

Retrieval Run/Femme is a nice include.

11 Mar 2017 frederick123

@podoboyz99any strategy tips, how to play this deck? New player over here, want to try som Maxx decks, and this one looks great and consist of the most cards I have in my collection.

12 Mar 2017 ANRguybrush

@frederick123 Not a deck that's straight forward to play because it has a very minimalistic breaker suite and discourages running too much instead of building up your board and milling cards with Data leak reversal. If you want to see how it's played, Ben Ni(beyoken) played this deck at Worlds 2016, there is footage of it. Also, Dan D'argenio played a similar deck at Worlds 2015.

12 Mar 2017 frederick123

@guy.brushthanks, that's exactly what I needed. Need to check more TeamCovenant championship series.