Cookie Hunter

Pinkwarrior 2278

Had alot of fun with this and it's been performing very well. I've been quite surprised at how effective and tactical Fisk actually is Knowing when to force the cards and when to hang back.

The only real issues I've found is a lack off MU although the deck has enough to run it be nice to have just 1 more to be able to run both viruses at the same time with the full rig.

Tapwrm Is amazing econ when added with your ability &/ Fisk Investment Seminar it puts the corp in a horrible position where they generally can't purge it.

Vigil a console I've loved for a long time that I feel fits fisk nicely and even if they do manage to get down to 4 cards in hand then they just opened them self up to better Legwork's

Gang Sign helps stop the corp from scoring when agendas are starting to clog up and Panchatantra & Gingerbread help deal with rush along with the odd Inside Job.

Breach to help with Wraparound which tbh am not seeing alot. Everything else is pretty straight forward good crim cards.

15 Mar 2017 zengoshugoju

Having fun with this, it's been educational using FIS and learning when and when not to fire it. You're right, MU is tight but working on it. Thx for publishing!

15 Mar 2017 Pinkwarrior

@zengoshugoju No Problem, It's good to know someone else is enjoying it.

22 May 2017 DrJekyll

@Pinkwarrior I didn't realise you made Cookie Hunter it was one of the main decks I used for my own fisk deck, I love panchatantra/gingerbread. You do seem to have a more run based economy/deck.

22 May 2017 Pinkwarrior

@DrJekyll It's nice to see people getting inspiration from my list's. Yeah the econ is a little more run based but that cannot be helped in Criminal really it's either that or a connection based econ with Underworld Contacts/Tech Trader and Fisk doesn't seem to suite either of those styles.

I do want to update this at some point the new MWL kinda screwed with it but i really enjoyed playing it. Yeah i love the Gingerbread/Panchatantra combo best part about it is it gets round all that AI hate ICE.