Amokfork (4-1 3rd Board Mage Store Championship)

MrHuds0n 1164

This deck finished 3rd (out of 13) in the Mag Planszowy/Board Mage Store Championship in Wrocław today. The list is basically TheBigBoy's 3 Strike Sifrfork with 2 knives taken out and replaced with 2 Run Amok.

My corp was spags's Sandvich ETF which dragged me down quite a bit (2-3).

My rationale for including Run Amok was that I often had situations (especially against certain tagging builds) where I was already set up and had a bunch of Medium tokens but they keep installing unrezzed ICE on R&D instead of purging. I figured I could replace the Knifeds with Run Amoks so as to address this problem better. It also functions pretty much as a Blackmail without a bad pub against certain servers.

Unfortunately the games that I played didn't exactly show this but there were certain situations when the Run Amok was really useful.

Games were:

  • Śmieszny - Hasty CI - Win
  • ? - Potential Unleashed - Win
  • Kamil - Prison RP - Win
  • donmakaron - CI7 - Win
  • Yaba - Making News - Loss

Tournament highlights

Against Kamil, while playing Leela he managed to Legwork for 3 agendas (out of 5) twice. First time he forgot about Leela triggers, so we had do call the TO, the second time with the ice bounces he did it again.

Runner game against Kamil I ran into a 2 advanced junebug with 5 cards in hand (one of which was IHW) and the damage trashed everything but the IHW.

Same runner game against Kamil I also Levied exactly the turn before he topdecked Voter Intimidation which would have killed my Same Old Thing. I also managed to outrun Prison RP by trashing in total 7 Bio-Ethics, 4 Hostile Infrastructures and several other things along the way.

Against donmakaron I had a starting hand with Wyldcakes, spent the entire game drawing through my deck and playing 5 Employee Strikes. He dealt with the first four, the fifth one stuck and partially won me the game.

Against Yaba - fuck Door to Door, literally cancer. Also Aryaciabatta Tech with Macrophage is fucking insane.