Casual Friday

mechmisfit 41

A little background before I delve into the guts of the deck. I was playing in the casual room on j-net one day, running a jank Omar deck. I was hangry, had a long day at work, and wound up facing 2 or 3 prison Making News (with door to door). I used a few of my favorite expletives and decided to make anti-Making News deck.

It wound up working good. Extremely good.

Now to the guts.

I feel that Sunny saw a huge boost from the last two packs, Peace in our Time and Tapwrm inject much needed cash, while Mad Dash synergizes with my overall strategy.

The deck plays a lot like Shaper decks. Lock down the scoring remote, then work on R&D lock. The cards used are different (and slightly less efficient).

Mulligan for The Supplier. Getting him early is key to saving a ton of credits, and giving you flexibility to react to the corp's changing board state.

The MVP of this deck is AD,AP. While it seems "win more" at first glance, it does so much work against midseasons decks, or allows quick recovery against taxing servers.

The engine isn't new, it's seen in Congress Kate or Castle Andy decks. Would this deck be better in Kate or Andy? Sure. Is this T1? No. It folds vs CI7, can have trouble against Sleeper Hold. But it really brings the hate against yellow.

And who doesn't love to hate yellow?

Feedback & critiques welcome. I'm always looking to improve.

EDIT: After testing, I'm not missing "traditional" multi-access much at all. Globalsec is amazing once I'm up and running.

And Timewalk... err... Tapwrm adds so much speed to the setup. Either my opponent purges (hence the Timewalk reference) or I make cash to power the setup. Win-win.

13 Mar 2017 HolyMackerel

I think I was one of the people you played against that day. Sorry for putting you through that ordeal: but on the other hand it led you to my favorite runner The Hacker Mom. So something good came out of it ^^

13 Mar 2017 mechmisfit

No worries :)

I attribute it to being hangry more than anything else.

13 Mar 2017 Daine

I think you'll want some multi access to make this deck sing. With supplier I'd recommend finding influence for a few Turning Wheels.

13 Mar 2017 mechmisfit

Valid idea. I'm using Globalsec Security Clearance as my R&D multi-access currently. It's not as efficient as RDI's but influence is really tight.

TTW feels too slow in this deck.