Gilbod 166

So I wanted to have the Psi ICE in my deck have some extra kick to them, so I added Slee.

She works surprisingly well. Early game you throw down some basic psi ice, protect her like you would an Agenda and force them to pay through it. Or you just play Netrunner with Psi ICE and Caprice to score agendas.

Slee is basically a tax that sometimes becomes a win condition. I've won with her three times, mostly just changing gears and hiding agendas when the Runner is out of steam and has to play the Psi games or goes ham on the ICE destruction. Remember, Slee gets counters after an Encounter ends with a piece of ICE, and Sifr, or Datasucker + Parasite needs that Encounter to happen (ANCUR supports this). You lose the ICE but gain the counters.

I am sure to protect Slee with Caprice if I'm doing this and Enforced Curfew sets up the kill while turning off many annoying Currents if I'm not planning on killing them.

All said, it's not an amazing deck, more tax than anything and I'm open to improvements or suggestions. I'd love to get a Data Ward in here somehow or two, but just can't find space for it. Agendas as well, could do with some rearranging but I'm not sure about which help this kind of deck the most.

Feedback always appreciated!

15 Mar 2017 Krams

So, basically, your main win condition is slow-advancing two 5/3s and any third agenda?
Good to see someone still trying to pull that off ;)

Cool deck! :)