Buddha 2.0

OneFabric 98


Initially built with Kit in mind, I switched over to Chaos Theory: Wünderkind for the extra influence and reduced deck size. I initially wanted Kit for the buddha/transhuman/Brahmatman concept, but I realized I wasn't using Kit's ability.

I wanted to make a deck with only 1 icebreaker, and that too only with Atman. Let's see if this works!

Mechanics & Tricks

Runners will see older concepts, such as the combination of False Echo with DDoS. However, the aim is not to deny the corp of ice during a 1turnwin run, but to steadily keep centrals exposed while making runs on remotes.

Atman can be made easier to deploy using Modded, and can be Scavenged if necessary. The Personal Touch helps with a permanent increase if needed. The console helps with reducing ICE strength to 0 while giving more .

The Turning Wheel is for deep access for FA / rush decks.

How To Play

Turns 1 - 3 Develop board state with Atmans of necessary strengths. Deny the Corp ICE with combos these deck has, or install and load Kati & Turning Wheel.

Turns 4 - 6 Keep centrals occupied and Datasuckers ready. Raid scoring remotes when needed.

Tips, Suggestions & Advice

As usual, always welcome. Let me know what you think and what you would do different. If you try out this deck and (dis)like anything, feel free to let me know. Happy running.

14 Mar 2017 PurinaBisonChow

A problem for most AI based decks, what is your plan to deal with Wraparound/Turing/Swordsman? Swordsman is especially bad since it tears apart your whole deck and you have literally no answer for it. Perhaps consider spending the two influence you have towards Lucky Find on MKUltra instead (or Mimic and a third Şifr).

15 Mar 2017 Narduwel

If you could fit Multithreader into the deck I would recommend that as it works wonders with Atman and makes runs cheaper.

17 Mar 2017 OneFabric

@PurinaBisonChow, Yeah, you're right...at the moment I don't have a concrete plan. I'll see what I can tweak.

@Narduwel yeah, that's a great idea. Thanks!