Turn Down For What? (Memphis TN Store Champs - First Place)

wedgeex 27

This build took first place at the Memphis Store Champs.

Scorched Earth is usually a bit of a nightmare but other than that most decks have to stay on their toes to keep up.

This is a "tag-me" build with a pretty high resource count - what that does is turn my resources into little mini-vamps. Have you ever thought about Account Siphoning an opponent that is under 5 credits? You don't have to if they break themselves again to trash your cheap resources. Notice the curve of the deck is incredibly low (Yog.0 is the most expensive card in the deck that doesn't yield credits). This allows me to run more while clicking for credits/drawing operation economy/etc much less. Yes, you will face check a roto turret from time to time. It sucks but that's part of the deal. If they pay 5 for a Roto to kill off your Parasite then you're still winning the resource game.

One of the most important cards in the deck is John Masanori. You need to draw often and stay aggressive - sometimes his "tag-me" draw back is a perk when you want to get DLR going.

The deck is incredibly fun and if you take the time to learn how to pilot it it is very effective.

17 Apr 2014 ibis

I'm curious about the Queen's Gambit. How often/when did you know to use it?

2 May 2014 wedgeex

This deck makes several mid-game aggressive plays. I'll hit a server checking for an installed Agenda and see some random asset. That's a good time to use it. Sometimes after I spam DLR they'll play an "in the open" Jackson Howard - that's usually pretty telegraphed so you can throw it on that play. I only run one because you never really want to see multiples but one is often fine.