"The Running Man"

Knighthammer 5

Only been playing for about a month or so and entering a local stores monthly tourney in a couple of weeks. Having a headache sorting out my Wayland deck but happy enough with Ken, i hope lol

19 Mar 2017 rumirumirumirumi

Are you playing with a limited card pool? There's some room to expand your choices that would either give you better efficiency or free up influence. I'm thinking especially with breakers you could cut x2 Gordian and pick up Passport and Peregrin for 6 extra influence.

19 Mar 2017 Knighthammer

@rumirumirumirumi No limited card pool no, just what i have really and its getting a fair amount now lol If i change 1 Blade for a Passport i can possibly fit in a 3rd makers eye and maybe a 2nd scrubber or something else Thanks

19 Mar 2017 Knighthammer

3 EDITS MADE - 1 Gordian Blade for a Passport to free up 3 influence...... the 2 Forged Activation Orders went out for 1 Scrubber and a 3rd Makers Eye....... The Makers eye is just awesome in itself and helps with Kens ability and as soon as Scrubber has helped trash 1 thing then hes paid for himself on anything after that, i do like to try and save credits